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Precision bearing

Precision bearing

Precision bearing

Precision bearings must be lubricated with grease to isolate the friction surface during operation, avoid serious damage or invalidation caused by surface friction. Meanwhile

  Lubrication solutions for precision bearings

  Rensheng Huida Co.,Ltd specially designed 11 serie of Lubrication grease for precision bearings Lubrication and seal.

  It has good performance for Lubrication and seal in Household electric appliances, Textile machinery bearings, Precision bearings, Wind power equipment bearings, Motor/electrical tools bearings, Automobile / motorcycle bearings.

  High speed motor bearings (Installation):Requires grease has excellent high temperature, wear and oxidation resistance

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  Wide temperature bearing(Installation):Requires grease has low torque, good high and low temperature performance.

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  Water pump bearing(Installation):Requires grease has excellent anti water and noise reduction performance

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  Medium and small motor bearing(Installation):Requires grease has noise reduction and good rust resistance performance

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  Precision bearings(Installation):Requires grease has mute performance, long life

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  Household electric appliances bearings(Installation):Requires grease product has excellent anti rust,noise reduction performance

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  High temperature bearings(Installation):Requires grease has good high/low temperature performance

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