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Metal protective

Metal protective

Metal protective

Offer long term protection of Metal surface of Bridges, Non bonded steel strand, the Wirerope of Elevator and Hoisting apparatus, Railway bolt, Wind power equipment, prevent the metal erosion.

  Rensheng Huida grease series products can effectively play a long time protective for metal surface, can effectively isolate the erosion caused by the medium in air on the metal surface.

  Building Non bonded steel strand:Requires Grease has excellent oxidation resistance, rust resistance, adhesion and low temperature performance, good compatibility with plastic casing, not to make plastic brittle crack, swelling.

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  Elevator wire rope:surface protection of the Elevator wire rope, Prevent erosion of medium in air, ensure the smooth and safe operation of the elevator and prolong the service life of the steel wire rope

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  Hoist rope:Requires Grease has high dropping point, high kinematic viscosity, adhesivity, excellent waterproof, anti erosion performance, anti salt spray corrosion ability.

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