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Special lubricants

Special lubricants

Special lubricants

For some special mechanical equipment which works Under extreme circumstances, such as extremely high and low temperature, etc.. to adapt to the lubrication condition,

  Rensheng Huida special grease series products are developed for the lubrication of mechanical equipment under extreme operating conditions, such as extremely high and low temperature working condition, provide the perfect solution for lubrication of the special section of many manufacturing enterprises, enjoys a good reputation in the market.

  High temperature above 200℃ High speed environment:Requires Grease has good Medium stability and anti radiation, anti water and noise reduction function

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  Wide temperature high speed rolling bearing:Requires grease has good high and low temperature performance, Low bearing starting torque at low temperature.

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  High temperature bearing (installation):Requires grease has excellent high temperature lubrication characteristics, high and low temperature property.

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  Ceramic factory high temperature kiln car bearing:Requires grease has good high temperature performance, oxidation resistance and water resistance property, still has good lubrication property at 300 ℃ high temperature.

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  Outdoor mechanical and electrical equipment bearing in cold area:Good oxidation stability, mechanical stability, colloid stability and excellent low temperature performance are required.

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