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   Qingdao Rensheng Huida Trading Co.,Ltd provides a platform for every employee’s free development. Every employee can achieve their potential and expertise according to their own characteristics. We strictly abide by laws and regulations of the country, provide benefits for every employee. In special occasions, we will release specific benefits as a warm greeting for employees.

  At the same time, we are concerned about employees' health, providing a free physical examination annually. We also pay attention to communications between employees. Travel and conference are organized every year to promote the sense of community and solidarity among employees. Further, through enjoy the beauty of life in nature, sparking employee’s enthusiasm for learning, working, and living.

  Qingdao Rensheng Huida Trading Co.,Ltd offers a variety of targeted training for professional skills to enhance the overall level of employees, as well as to enhance the core competitiveness of our staff themselves.

  Looking forward to working with you. Waiting for your early accession.