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  • High Quality Greases

    High Quality Greases


    We deal with various kinds of Greases such as Chassis, Wheel Bearing, Multipurpose, Silicone Molybdenum, and High Temperature Grease. These are used in various

  • Keeping Grease Gun Pressure Low


    How can I keep the pressure from my grease gun low to avoid damaging components? The key principle to remember for a fixed output grease gun (which covers nearly all grease guns) is this: grease volume and pressure vary with the speed of t

  • Cone Penetration and Prolonged Working of Lubricating Grease


    Purpose Determine the consistency and NLGI grade of a lubricating grease. Brief Description A cone of specified weight is allowed to fall into a lubricating grease sample at 25C. The depth of the cone, in tenths of a millimeter, identifies

  • Grease Compatibility


    Compatibility of these different grease types can be very important for users of grease-lubricated equipment. Mixing of different greases can result in changes in physical and performance characteristics, leading to inferior properties of

  • Functional Properties of Grease


    Grease functions as a sealant to minimize leakage and to keep out contaminants. Because of its consistency, grease acts as a sealant to prevent lubricant leakage and also to prevent entrance of corrosive contaminants and foreign materials.

  • Moly Grease


    Unit Moly Greases is Lithium based grease containing approx 3%-10% of molybdenum dioxide. Useful as excellent anti-seize grease. Lubricant for furnace doors, bakery conveyors etc. which are exposed to high temperatures. Also used in bearin

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